10 Beauty Tools Every Woman Needs


Beauty Sponge:  Beauty Blender or Loreal Foundation Blender:
I love both of these options.  If you want to splurge, go with the Beauty Blender, and for a more affordable option- the Loreal is a great dupe! If you’ve never used this type of sponge before, make sure you dampen it before you put your foundation on it to give that flawless finish!

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Foundation Brush: Sigma Beauty Flat Top Kabuki F80:
This is a fabulous brush for blending foundation if you don’t like using a sponge.  The brush is full and dense, applying maximum coverage and the bristles are so soft!  I wash my brushes every week with a little brush shampoo, and I’ve never had a problem with bristles falling out.  Sigma brushes last forever!

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Powder/Bronzer Brush: Real Techniques Powder Brush
I love all the Real Techniques brushes.  They are great quality, last a long time, and super affordable on a budget.  This is by far my favorite and most used powder/bronzer brush!

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Blush Brush: Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Small Blusher Brush No 123
Sonia Kashuk brushes are also a great bang for your buck! I prefer a smaller brush for my blush, because I’m not a fan of having bright pigment all over my cheeks.  This one blends beautifully, and leaves your skin looking naturally flushed.

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All Over Eyeshadow Brush: Sigma Wide Shader E59
Before putting darker colors on my eyes, I always start my eyeshadow look with a light color for all over the lid.  This is the perfect brush for that! You can use it so many different ways, but because of it’s wide flat shape, you can quickly sweep the color all over with one or two strokes.

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Crease Brush: Sigma Beauty Tapered Blending Brush E40
This brush has it’s own following.  It is just the best crease brush!  It helps to define your eye, and no matter what mistake you make, it can blend it out. It’s like a makeup Magic Eraser!

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Eyeliner Brush: Sigma Eyeliner Brush B12 or Sigma Pencil Brush E30
So both of these brushes are great for eyeliner.  If you read my last post, and have a gel eyeliner pot like the Bobbi Brown, you need the B12 Brush.  Don’t think it’s broken when you get it in the mail, it comes bent! Although it looks funny, it is so easy to apply the eyeliner because of the shape! I can’t explain it, it just works! The other brush, the E30 is great if you want to use a darker eye shadow for your eyeliner.  If you do that and want a more dramatic look, wet the tip of your brush first so it’s damp, then go into the eyeshadow. I do this everyday with a dark brown eyeshadow.  It’s not as harsh as a black for my blue eyes.  For a more natural liner look, leave the brush dry.

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Brush Sets: Coastal Scents Pearl Brush Set or Morphie 18 Piece Brush Set
Both of these are a great value if you just want to get lots of brushes, without picking out individual ones.  I have both sets and they are wonderful.  I would say after having the Coastal Scents one for a couple of years, the handles start to come off the brushes after a lot of washing.  This can be fixed with a little hot glue, and for $39 I’m not bothered by it.

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Eyelash Curler: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
This is the holy grail of eyelash curlers.  I have never found one better.  If you have super straight lashes like I do, try heating it up with the hairdryer before you curl.  Wait a few seconds though, so it’s not too hot before going in.

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Tweezer: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer
A tweezer is a necessity.  Whether you use for your eyebrows, a stray hair on your face, or for putting on false lashes, a good pair of tweezers is always in my makeup bag!

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Hope this post was helpful, and you love all these beauty tools as much as I do! See you soon Glammies!



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