Inexpensive Foundation and Concealer

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Loving this new Wet n Wild Cushion Foundation and Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer!  Both are super inexpensive, ringing in at $8 and $5, respectfully.  Both are available at ULTA and qualify for the $3.50 off or 20% off coupons that run frequently.  You can buy them below, and stay tuned to watch my tutorial on how I use them and what colors I use.

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April Favorites


Hi Glammies! This month has flown by! How is it already May? With a beach trip and all the new spring makeup debuting at the drug store, I have a hefty love list for you!  From beauty to skincare-and even a book thrown in, here is my list of favorite things for the month of April!

Makeup: Loreal Paris Brow Stylist Designer in 305 Blonde

I love this brow pencil.  It is the old fashioned, sharpen yourself kind with the spooley on the end to tame those brow hairs!  The reason I love this so much is it’s not in plastic, it’s a wooden pencil.  I had been using the Anastasia Brow Wiz, along side other mechanical pencils, and the spoolies kept breaking off the end.  It drove me nuts.  This one is the perfect blonde color without looking orange or too dark, it lasts all day, even in water, and it’s sturdy and doesn’t break apart.

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Maybelline Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette

I was pleasantly surprised by this palette. I bought it on a whim, and love the colors!  They are pigmented, but still neutral enough to wear day or night.  The orangey browns remind me a lot of the Urban Decay Heat Palette, as well as the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  The shining star of this though is definitely the pretty pink and gold highlight shades in the middle.  They are so glowy and pretty without being sparkly.  Love it!

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Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in Champagne

Speaking of highlighters, this one is fabulous!  It is a cream to powder finish, so you can use it with your fingers and you don’t even need a brush. I like the gold shade, but all the shades are beautiful, and it smells like the Butter Bronzer, which is a yummy coconut scent that reminds me of vacation.

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Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Brown

I love the Scandaleyes liners and shadows from Rimmel, and I was in need of a basic brown liner for summer.  I picked this up, and haven’t regretted it.  It is water proof, so it will stay put, (even in your water line) and it’s got a bit of bronze in it so it off sets blue and green eyes.

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Skincare: Dickinson’s Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths

These are my favorite all time makeup removing wipes, that I rediscovered this month.  Sometimes these are hard to find, but when I do find them I stock pile them! They have witch hazel in them, which I love for toning my skin.  They are the perfect amount of wet, and they are great in the summer when my skin is oilier than normal.  Google the benefits of Witch Hazel for your skin, and you will see why I love these so much.

Buy them Below:

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30

This is my favorite summer moisturizer.  I’ve talked about it on my blog before. I put it on when I wear makeup, and when I’m barefaced.  It makes my skin feel moisturized and nourished, but not oily or greasy.  Bonus, it comes with SPF 30, so I feel protected when I’m out in the sun day to day, and it doesn’t make me break out, which a lot of sunscreen does!

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Hope you all love these products as much as I do! Bonus favorite, finished a great beach read while at Pawleys a couple of weeks ago.  The Identicals, by Elin Hilderbrand is a sweet touching story about estranged twin sisters that come back together to deal with the ups and downs of life.  I love all Elin Hilderbrand books, and this one did not disappoint! Buy it Below!


See you soon Glammies!


Purse Essentials


I have a little bag full of goodies I carry in my tote at all times.  It never fails, when I leave this bag at home, I wish I had at least one or two things with me while I’m out!   Obviously when I go out at night, and carry something smaller, this list is scaled down, but these are my essentials for everyday use!

Concealer: Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller

Y’all, this is the best stuff.  A lot of the time by the afternoon, my concealer is not holding up well and my eyes are looking puffy and tired.  I can see my hereditary dark circles peaking through.  Although I start my day with a heavier concealer (look in my previous post “March Favorites”), this one is perfect for putting over top of my makeup midday.  The rollerball tip is cold to the touch, and feels great under your eyes and the tint is just enough to brighten that area, without being heavy or causing creasing!

Buy it Below:

Powder: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder Compact

I am an oily girl in my t-zone, so love keeping this powder in my bag to touch-up throughout the day.  It is light and doesn’t make you look cakey, but takes care of oil breaking though your foundation.  It also gives you the most flawless, airbrushed look to your skin. Works well for those with dry skin as well.

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Mascara: Chanel Volume de Chanel Mascara

This is my holy grail mascara. It’s my favorite and I adore it! Every time I go to the makeup counter to pick it up, I always ask for samples of it to carry in my bag.  They are happy to oblige and most of the time give me two or three!  It doesn’t smudge, flake, or rub off.  It gives you the most voluminous, longest lashes in the blackest of black colors.

Buy the Full Size Below:

Blush: NYX Bright Idea Stick in Rose Petal Pop

Less is more sometimes, which is why I love this product.  I have used it for not only a quick touch up to my blush, but also as eye shadow and lip color.  This is a beautiful rosy shade which is perfect for everyone’s skin tone, but NYX has more great colors on their website if you’re not a pinky/peach girl.

Buy it Below:

Lips: NYX Butter Lip Gloss

Anyone that goes through my bag can tell you, I have about six of these rotating in my purse at any moment.  It is the perfect gloss. It’s not gloppy or sticky, and it covers beautifully.  The colors are all super wearable, my favorite being Vanilla Cream Pie.  They also smell like yummy vanilla, and at 5 bucks a pop, you can have every shade of the rainbow like me!

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Extras I Like To Keep on Hand:

Hand Care: Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Aloe and Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

I work with children so the need for hand sanitizer, is a very good idea. I love the aloe one because it doesn’t dry my hands out as much as the regular.  I also love the small Hand Food hand cream to keep my hands soft and smooth!

Nail Tek Mini Crystal File

This is awesome, comes with a case, and is perfect if you snag a nail on the go.

Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Travel Toothbrush

These are the best to keep your mouth fresh, and your teeth white! Especially after eating, or sipping on red wine!

Buy Them All Here:

Thanks so much for reading this week! See you next week, Glammies!


Self-Tanning 101


The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that ONE in every THREE cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer, and according to Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics  ONE in every FIVE Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  Having said this, I love to have a sun kissed glow.  When I’m tan my eyes look bluer, I feel healthier and more energized, and I instantly feel like i’ve lost a few LBS.  Because my sunscreen keeps getting higher and higher as the years go by, I have found a new obsession with a more healthy way to tan: Self-Tanners! Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for Self-Tanning, whether you’re an old pro or a newbie!



This step is so important.  I’ll admit, I am not the best about doing it in the winter (my foundation has a SPF 50 in it) but in the summer, I always put my sunscreen on.  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist in SPF 30 is my favorite.  I have sensitive skin, and this one is light and doesn’t break me out.

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The first step in my self-tanning routine is exfoliation.  You need to schlep all that dry skin off, before applying the tanner.  I like to do this step the day before I’m going to self-tan.  First, I apply a scrub in the shower all over my body.  I do so with an exfoliating glove.  Both the glove I use, as well as my favorite body scrub are listed below.  After I apply the scrub in circular motions and rinse it off, I then shave my legs.  Shaving is a great exfoliator! My favorite razor is below as well.  Scrub before you shave, otherwise OUCH! It will burn!

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This step is key! Once you exfoliate the day prior, make sure to moisturize your skin when you get out of the shower to keep your skin hydrated.  Right before you tan, make sure you that you take your moisturizer to cover your feet, heels, elbows, and any other spots on your body that are extra dry.  This will keep the tanner from sticking to those dry patches when applying.  You can use your normal lotion for this, and sometimes I even like to use Vaseline.  My favorite everyday lotion is listed below.

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You’re now ready to apply your tan.  I prefer a foam tanner, and I use a mitt to apply in circular motions.  Most foam tanners I like to put on at night before bed and then wake up to shower the “guide tan” off.  The guide tan is there to make sure you see where you are applying the color, so you have no missed spots or streaks. It will come off once you shower to only leave your developed tan. I have used many tanners, and the ones below leave you looking like you just got back from the islands, NOT like you just dove into a bag of Cheetos! My favorite three vary in price range.  The first two are a lower budget option, and the last is more of a splurge.  I use the Jergen’s Natural Glow Instant Sun in Light Bronze, the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in Dark, and the St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse.  I like to bronze my body first, then whatever I have left on the mitt, rub on my face and the back of my hands.  I like to then take a damp washcloth or cleansing cloth and go over my palms to make sure that I get any excess off.

Buy Them Below:


Make sure you keep your skin hydrated for a longer lasting tan.  All of these usually last between 7-10 days for me before I need to reapply!

Let me know if you have any questions about my tanning routine! Stay bronzed and glowy sweet Glammies!

10 Beauty Tools Every Woman Needs


Beauty Sponge:  Beauty Blender or Loreal Foundation Blender:
I love both of these options.  If you want to splurge, go with the Beauty Blender, and for a more affordable option- the Loreal is a great dupe! If you’ve never used this type of sponge before, make sure you dampen it before you put your foundation on it to give that flawless finish!

Buy Them Here!

Foundation Brush: Sigma Beauty Flat Top Kabuki F80:
This is a fabulous brush for blending foundation if you don’t like using a sponge.  The brush is full and dense, applying maximum coverage and the bristles are so soft!  I wash my brushes every week with a little brush shampoo, and I’ve never had a problem with bristles falling out.  Sigma brushes last forever!

Buy It Here!

Powder/Bronzer Brush: Real Techniques Powder Brush
I love all the Real Techniques brushes.  They are great quality, last a long time, and super affordable on a budget.  This is by far my favorite and most used powder/bronzer brush!

Buy It Here!

Blush Brush: Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Small Blusher Brush No 123
Sonia Kashuk brushes are also a great bang for your buck! I prefer a smaller brush for my blush, because I’m not a fan of having bright pigment all over my cheeks.  This one blends beautifully, and leaves your skin looking naturally flushed.

Buy It Here!

All Over Eyeshadow Brush: Sigma Wide Shader E59
Before putting darker colors on my eyes, I always start my eyeshadow look with a light color for all over the lid.  This is the perfect brush for that! You can use it so many different ways, but because of it’s wide flat shape, you can quickly sweep the color all over with one or two strokes.

Buy It Here!

Crease Brush: Sigma Beauty Tapered Blending Brush E40
This brush has it’s own following.  It is just the best crease brush!  It helps to define your eye, and no matter what mistake you make, it can blend it out. It’s like a makeup Magic Eraser!

Buy It Here!

Eyeliner Brush: Sigma Eyeliner Brush B12 or Sigma Pencil Brush E30
So both of these brushes are great for eyeliner.  If you read my last post, and have a gel eyeliner pot like the Bobbi Brown, you need the B12 Brush.  Don’t think it’s broken when you get it in the mail, it comes bent! Although it looks funny, it is so easy to apply the eyeliner because of the shape! I can’t explain it, it just works! The other brush, the E30 is great if you want to use a darker eye shadow for your eyeliner.  If you do that and want a more dramatic look, wet the tip of your brush first so it’s damp, then go into the eyeshadow. I do this everyday with a dark brown eyeshadow.  It’s not as harsh as a black for my blue eyes.  For a more natural liner look, leave the brush dry.

Buy Them Here!

Brush Sets: Coastal Scents Pearl Brush Set or Morphie 18 Piece Brush Set
Both of these are a great value if you just want to get lots of brushes, without picking out individual ones.  I have both sets and they are wonderful.  I would say after having the Coastal Scents one for a couple of years, the handles start to come off the brushes after a lot of washing.  This can be fixed with a little hot glue, and for $39 I’m not bothered by it.

Buy Them Here!

Eyelash Curler: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
This is the holy grail of eyelash curlers.  I have never found one better.  If you have super straight lashes like I do, try heating it up with the hairdryer before you curl.  Wait a few seconds though, so it’s not too hot before going in.

Buy It Here!

Tweezer: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer
A tweezer is a necessity.  Whether you use for your eyebrows, a stray hair on your face, or for putting on false lashes, a good pair of tweezers is always in my makeup bag!

Buy It Here!

Hope this post was helpful, and you love all these beauty tools as much as I do! See you soon Glammies!



March Favorites: Makeup


My love for all things beauty started at an early age.  It has only grown as I have gotten older.  I am constantly talking beauty with all my girlfriends and had the idea to start a blog to discuss and share some of my favorite products with you.  My thoughts are all my own and I vow to be open and upfront about all my favs and hate-its! So without further ado, here are the things I’m currently obsessing over in my makeup bag:

Primer: Monistat Complete Care: Chafing Relief Powder Gel

Yes, I know this sounds weird but this stuff truly works! It is made up from the same Dimethicone that makes some of your more expensive primer ingredients.  This is a total dupe for the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer for less than half the price.

Buy It Here:

Foundation: IT Cosmetics CC Illumination Cream

This stuff is the best. It is full coverage, but feels like you have nothing on your face.  I have tried the regular and illuminating versions, and I like the subtle glow the illumination gives me better.  It makes my skin look dewy and healthy without looking greasy or sparkly.  The best part about this product is that it’s got SPF 50 in it for the warm spring/summer months ahead.  I wear the color light.

Buy It Here:

Concealer: Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer Shade 005

This is new to my cosmetics bag, but I go through concealer so much that I was dying a little every time I shelled out $30.00 for Tarte Shape Tape! This is a great dupe, does wonders for my dark circles, doesn’t crease, and the best part- it’s under 6 bucks!

Buy It Here:

Face Powder: Coty Airspun Powder

I have used this for years, my grandmother used this product, it’s just the best, and I cannot find another that I like more.  I set my foundation with it lightly all over the face, as well as baking my under-eye with it. I use the translucent color, and it keeps my makeup looking fresh, and oil free! Perfect for the humid days we’ve got coming up in the south!

Buy It Here:

Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and Physicians Formula Eye Booster

I have two eyeliners that I have been alternating between.  One is more of a splurge and one you can find at the drugstore.  Both stay in place all day, but I feel the Bobbi Brown one is softer and more appropriate for daytime looks, while the Physicians Formula is more appropriate for night time/dressy looks.

Buy Them Here:

Mascara: Essence Volume Stylist 18 hr Lash Extension and Loreal Lash Paradise in Mystic Black

If I only had to take one beauty product with me on a desert island it would be a tube of good mascara.  I will always be in love with my Chanel Volume de Chanel. It is my holy grail of mascaras, but once again, it kills me to spend the money on it every month or so. Both of these give you the volume and length of the Chanel, but are budget friendly.  They don’t clump or smudge underneath the eye, but are easy to remove with makeup remover/cleanser.  I will be writing a skincare post soon for all my favorite skincare. Stay  tuned!

Buy Them Here:

Blush: Flower Pots Powder Blush

I have tried lots of blushes, and I have a hard time getting them to stay on my cheeks throughout the day.  This one comes in beautiful, natural colors, and stays in place all day!

Buy It Here:

Lipstick: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Lip Color in Dreamer

I am not a liquid lip fan.  They tend to dry out my lips, and show every wrinkle and line I have.  However, this new product by Maybelline is beautiful.  The color “Dreamer” is around the same lip color as my own, so it looks super natural and stays all day.

Buy It Here:

I will be back soon, with my favorites in skincare and haircare! Comment below with any questions!

See you soon Glammies!